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Nicole Stouyannides

In 2011, although I had no desire to become a body-worker, I was encouraged to participate in a Kahuna bodywork training with Anthea Hardwick. On the very first day of the training, as I witnessed the body-work for the first time, I dissolved into tears, as I had never seen nor felt anything so deeply touching and humbling. Consequently, my yearning and searching for my passion, my life’s work, had been realised. So began my journey with Kahuna bodywork and the philosophy of Huna.


My desire to traverse both my inner and outer landscapes has led me to trainings around South Africa, Ireland and Hawaii, where I have witnessed and experienced astounding healing experiences and subtle long-lasting transformation. I invite you into this miraculous space with me, and hold the highest potential for healing, joy and adventure. 

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Nicole Stouyannides
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