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  • PONO - be positive

  • We can effect positive change with ourselves, for others and in the world.

  • Empower yourself and others.

  • Facilitate transformation

  • Deepen your knowledge of Kahuna and Huna

  • Expand your experience of connectedness and community

Level 5 is a wonderful celebration and recapitulation of all that you have learnt to date on the previous levels.


An opportunity to share our sacred retreat experience with guests invited to participate with us. This creates a fun and intimate community experience and also empowers you by allowing you to witness this transformational journey we co-facilitate together for others. It is traditionally a fun, expansive level which leaves participants and guests alike in awe of this beautiful ancient work we are privileged to share.


There is dialogue and sharing after each session to learn from one another and to broaden our understanding through the powerful medium of feedback. This is a very powerful and enlightening aspect unique to level 5.

Chanting, stretching, flying, huna dancing and reflective time will heighten MANA and ALOHA.

Kahuna training in Limpopo game reserve
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