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This is a retreat style training.

Become a confident, professional Kahuna practitioner. Develop the skill required to work with diverse clients with different issues, injuries and problem areas.

What you will learn on Level 3:

  • Effective use of the technique learnt on Level 1 and 2 (effect positive change with each stroke)

  • Learn the skillful use of deep and light pressure for different healing effects

  • Learn to do Client Consultations and how to deliver clear, confident communication about Kahuna bodywork

  • Professional conduct and awareness of self and others as a bodyworker

  • Develop body awareness and learn how to read what the body is presenting to you

  • Underbody technique - (sublime and creates holism between the front and back of the body)

  • Learn a fully clothed Polynesian floor treatment to release joints and unblock meridians

  • Learn Kahuna pregnancy massage (nothing quite like it!)

  • Learn more huna meditations and huna dances

  • More aloha!

You will receive a certificate on completion on Level 3.

Polynesian floor treatment
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