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Introducing the front of the body, the realm of feeling, memories, intuition and the sacred feminine.


At the end of level 2 you will confidently give a 90 minute full body kahuna massage.

  • Recap techniques and teachings from level 1

  • Learn to massage the arms

  • Learn highly effective shoulder rotations and releases

  • Learn to listen to and respect the timing of working on the more vulnerable front for each individual

  • Learn the most exquisite facial, neck, head and shoulder massage

  • Learn to work with flow and hands as soft as clouds on the belly, heart, face, hands and feet

  • Learn Hawaiian energy balances to ground the recipient at the end of the session

  • Connect with and enhance your intuitive skills

  • Share processes to free you of old emotional wounds

  • Learn to trust yourself and others

  • Learn about and bring balance to your inner male and female aspects

  • Heal relationships and learn new skills to enhance intimacy and connection in your life

  • Connect with sensitivity and compassion for self and others

  • Learn to combine the qualities of firm and gentle in your massage

  • More huna dancing, chanting, connecting

  • More huna magic!!

Healing touch of Kahuna massage
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