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Level 7 will be an opportunity to:

  •  Connect deeply to the 7 Huna Principles; expanding our awareness of and connection to KALA, ALOHA, MANAWA, PONO, MANA, MAKIA and IKE. 

  • Learn advanced skills to heighten MANA (through connection to Nature in particular)

  • Spend time in Nature, connecting to the Elements in new ways

  • Explore new Breathwork techniques and exercises

  • Deepen effectiveness of Sounding and Toning, Pule and Chanting,

  • Flying and Grokking for heightened awareness and KALA (everything is flexible and not as it would seem)

  • Share Ritual and Dance 

  • Salt Water Cleanse (a tradition practiced by the Hawaiians) for cleansing, letting go, clarity and healing.

  • Night time nature adventure

There will also be new techniques and advanced bodywork skills taught:

  • Recapitulation of level 6 sounding and vibrational healing techniques

  • New Underbody techniques (clavicle, sternum bones and ribcage)

  • Turning your client for holism and marriage of masculine and feminine

  • New Skeletal technique

  • Advanced Stretches for effective joint mobilisation and KALA

  • Advanced Positions to open and align neck and spine 

  • Massaging Soft tissue areas

  • Ear massage

Red road, Hawaii
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