Claire Gibson

Aloha from KZN, my name is Claire, the coastal heart piece to the Aloha Life Centre. My journey with kahuna bodywork came to bloom through a combination of mystery (a profound inner knowing & deep love for Hawaii) and synchronicity (the divine timing of being introduced to kahuna bodywork at a significant crossroad in my life). I arrived in kahuna space feeling constricted in a corporate career, weighed down by stale stories & brutal body beliefs, a hostage to my own skin. Kahuna unwrapped a way for me to compassionately meet myself, to release the struggle in the disown and instead welcome my whole self home. Kahuna took me by the heart, from client, to student, to calling. The more I share this work the more I witness the wonder that each of us truly are. Thank you for being here. I look soul forward to sharing the alchemy of aloha with you. Mahalo nui loa & aloha. 


Contact me at

ALOHA LIFE @ 26 Friar Tuck Street, Robindale, Johannesburg, South Africa

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