Brenda Loukes-Johnson

In 2005, after the death of my father, my first Kahuna massage with Anthea Hardwick started a journey that has changed my life in real and lasting ways.

The movement and rhythm of Kahuna massage, it's connection to nature and the elements, and the safe loving space of Kahuna Massage Training Retreats created the space for deep emotional pains and old beliefs to be released. I began to feel more whole. I realised that the body I had neglected for 20 years had a lot of wisdom to share with me. I felt like I had come home.

The Huna principles of living, that are an integral part of Kahuna work, have changed my way of seeing the world from one of inherent negativity to one of acceptance and love (Aloha).

Sharing this work with others gives me great pleasure, feeds my soul, and continues to heal my heart and body.

My first training with Anthea Hardwick in 2011 shook me to my core and lit a fire in me that has not been quenched. I have massaged many bodies since and been on many more Kahuna trainings as both participant and assistant.

Five years ago, together with fellow Kahuna wahine, Nicole Antonie, I entered into an initiation process with Anthea to learn to teach the sacred work of Kahuna massage. I am now blessed to be part of the group of six core members of the Aloha Life centre which Anthea created to spread Kahuna in South Africa and abroad.

In March 2018, I relocated to Seattle, USA, where I continue to massage and teach.

I hope to touch many more bodies and hearts with the loving touch of Aloha that Kahuna offers, and through this bring more Aloha and healing to the world.

I invite you to come home to your body.

ALOHA LIFE @ 26 Friar Tuck Street, Robindale, Johannesburg, South Africa

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