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Anthea Hardwick

From a young age I have had a deep love for travel and adventure. After completing a degree in Psychology, I literally took to the seas travelling around Europe and Australia on various yachts and living in the Brazilian Amazon for several months. In my early twenties, a health crisis led me to embark on an entirely different adventure, one of self healing and intense personal growth. This adventure included studying reflexology, various massage modalities, nutrition and becoming a reiki master.

It was on one of many travels abroad that I experienced the healing power of Kahuna massage firsthand and began the adventure of a lifetime. In 1996, I was fortunate that serendipity and destiny led me to internationally renowned teacher, Mette Sorensen.

Anthea Hardwick

I have completed 7 levels of instruction with her. This life changing and fateful beginning led to the conception of the Aloha Life Centre in Durban, South Africa in 1998 and has facilitated me the privilege of sharing Kahuna with thousands of clients and students alike throughout the country. The joy and privilege continues with the Aloha Life Centre growing into a vibrant collaboration of 5 gifted bodyworkers with a common vision, to spread the Aloha Spirit and this sacred Hawaiian bodywork throughout Africa and the world, making a positive difference one heart and beautiful being at a time.

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